Friday, July 11, 2008

Obligatory First Post!

Well hello blogland! This is my first post over here (and one that is likely to be overlooked, but that's okay) After perusing and enjoying the blogs of fellow quilters over the past year, I've decided to delve in to the fun.

So who am I? I'm Abby, a 20something single girl living in Michigan. The Tomboy Princess? I guess that's one of the better ways to describe myself .... I'm a self-described jock who listens to alternative and hard rock and would rather watch sports than soap operas. But I love great shoes, shopping, all things Disney (yes, especially princesses), craftiness (including quilting of course!) and my cat. I suppose I'm a walking paradox ... but that's who I am.

Hopefully I can keep up with my blog and get to know some of you other wonderful quilters out there in cyber space.

What am I working on now? I'm getting ready to put the binding on my first life-size quilt (technically, my first completed quilt was a baby quilt, so it was much smaller and easier to manage) and am cutting pieces for a table runner. Guess I'll try to get some pictures up this weekend!

Til then ....



  1. I see you'll be participating in the bag swap. That's how I found you. Welcome to blogland. Can't wait to see what you're working on. Yippee...girls who like sports!

  2. Welcome to Blogging world you will become addicted.....surfed over from Lindas blog please feel welcome to come visit I will put your blog on mine next time I post..

  3. Yes, welcome!!! We are all addicted. I found you via Linda's blog too. Keep perservering with blogger. You'll get it worked out! Good luck with your quilt.