Monday, November 17, 2008

Hanging in there ...

Apparently I only blog once a month now ..... sorry! Work is just now winding down to the point where I'm only working 40 or so hours a week and I've been feverishly sewing on a top secret Christmas project in my "free time" I am please to report that the sewing is complete and boxed up and will be on it's way to Sharon for some quilting :) I can't post pictures because I don't want to risk the intended receiver coming across them. That'll have to wait til after Christmas I'm afraid!

I did start cutting out my next project - a small wallhanging for my dance teacher from the Scottie Christmas line. Highland dance teacher + scotties = good idea!

I have a few things left to make for my mom's Christmas present and have to start in on my friend Eren's. Eren and I made a deal that we would buy for birthdays and make for Christmas - so I stil have a lot of work ahead of me! I'm also trying to clean out things and eBay to try to bring in some extra money to go towards bills, so life is keeping me running for the moment.

Hope all of you are well!