Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stash

Well over Super Bowl weekend, a LNS had a 20% off the entire store sale. Being that I'm compulsively shopping in a failing attempt to deal with personal issues, I came home with a lot. I already had the Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs and had ordered the recommended fabric but hated it. I bought 2 options at the sale

Which is better?

And here is some of the rest from the sale plus a few things from a 123 Stitch order. I also ordered two charts from the sale - Ink Circles Circles des Cercles and Plum Street Samplers Olga - they weren't in stock so I'll still get the 20% off when they come in. There are also purchases from eBay on their way as well. Oops.

Lizzie*Kate Winter ABC with Light Blue 32 ct Linen and mostly recommended thread. The lighter green, lighter blue and darker red were changed slightly from the recommended listing.

Stash from 123 Stitch. Lots of Halloween - I think that Tricky Treat Cats will go on whichever fabric doesn't get chosen for the Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs

Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs fabric option #1 - "Valor" hand dyed 32 ct linen

Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs fabric option #2 - "Haunted" hand dyed 32 ct linen

Ink Circles Metamorphosis - will be done on 40 ct Tarnished Silver Linen with changed threads to move from purple through blue to green instead of rainbow order

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

WIPocalypse for February

The only project I've worked on has been BATB. I'm almost done with the first quarter of the chart and will need to finish gridding the other sections. Should I back stitch now or wait and do all of it at the end?

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Testing ....

Seeing if I can post from my phone. It'll make it easier to update if I can! And trying to figure out posting pics this way. If it attaches, this is my stitching buddy Zoe, whose fur is intricately woven into every project.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

WIPocalypse picture post #3

P1000970 by argyle24
P1000970, a photo by argyle24 on Flickr.

The biggest WIP I have, Disney Dreams Beauty and the Beast Falling in Love

I need to figure out how to put multiple Flickr pictures in one Blogger post. Maybe next time...

WIPocalypse Picture Post #2

P1000969 by argyle24
P1000969, a photo by argyle24 on Flickr.

Frank Lloyd Wright window WIP
Miscellaneous small kits
Stitched Tinkerbell that needs to be pressed and framed

WIPocalypse picture #1

P1000968 by argyle24
P1000968, a photo by argyle24 on Flickr.

Various highland dance cross stitch projects & finished stiching that needs to be made into useable items

Monday, January 9, 2012


In an effort to find something to district me from the crumbling shambles of the life I thought I knew, I've decided to participate in Measi's WIPocalypse. I picked cross stitch back up over Thanksgiving after discovering the Disney Dreams Beauty & The Beast kit. I started cross stitching small things when I was 7 or 8, and while thankfully most of those projects eventually found their way to the dump, I have a few leftover items that either need to be turned into something useable or completed or kits that have sat there for 15-20 years. Guess I'll use this as a means to get those all taken care of and moved along.

I took pictures yesterday of the various projects, but will get them up some time this week. It's amazing that such a small thing is taking such effort for me right now, but I'm finding it really hard to accomplish much of anything at the moment. But I'll get there....

List in no particular order:

1. Disney Dreams: Beauty & the Beast Falling in Love - WIP
2. Frank Lloyd Wright Stained Glass Window - WIP
3. Tinkerbell Sketch - stitched, just needs finishing
4. My Tartan Clan Dancer - wanting to adjust this pattern to update the costume styling and reverse it so I can do two that will face each other, one in the tartan I danced in when I was younger, and one to match the tartan I wear now
5. Tartan Thistle Needlebook: stitched, just needs finishing
6. Thistle bookmark & 6 small highland dancers - all stitched, just need to finish them as ornaments or framed items or something
7. 5 mini-kits of Scottish elements - stitch and put into small frames or one lenticular frame with multiple slots
8. Lizzie Kate Halloween ABCs - this will arrive this week and I hope to start, finish and frame it before Halloween 2012

I really just want to clear out all of these old projects. Most of my craft stash is fabric and quilting related and I have several quilts in various stages that I need to complete this year as well. But I am hoping to move in September and would like to decrease the overall amount of stuff I have just sitting around.