Wednesday, February 8, 2012

New Stash

Well over Super Bowl weekend, a LNS had a 20% off the entire store sale. Being that I'm compulsively shopping in a failing attempt to deal with personal issues, I came home with a lot. I already had the Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs and had ordered the recommended fabric but hated it. I bought 2 options at the sale

Which is better?

And here is some of the rest from the sale plus a few things from a 123 Stitch order. I also ordered two charts from the sale - Ink Circles Circles des Cercles and Plum Street Samplers Olga - they weren't in stock so I'll still get the 20% off when they come in. There are also purchases from eBay on their way as well. Oops.

Lizzie*Kate Winter ABC with Light Blue 32 ct Linen and mostly recommended thread. The lighter green, lighter blue and darker red were changed slightly from the recommended listing.

Stash from 123 Stitch. Lots of Halloween - I think that Tricky Treat Cats will go on whichever fabric doesn't get chosen for the Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs

Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs fabric option #1 - "Valor" hand dyed 32 ct linen

Lizzie*Kate Halloween ABCs fabric option #2 - "Haunted" hand dyed 32 ct linen

Ink Circles Metamorphosis - will be done on 40 ct Tarnished Silver Linen with changed threads to move from purple through blue to green instead of rainbow order


  1. Wow, that is a great stash haul! I've always loved Ink Circles designs, especially Circles des Cercles. Lizzie*Kate designs are also lovely.

    I think my choice of fabric for the Halloween design would be "Haunted", even the name of it fits really well. Obviously it's your decision and I'm sure it'll look lovely on either fabric.

    1. I think my biggest concern with the "haunted" fabric is if the black words will show up on it ok - it'll be done with 2 strands, but I don't want it to blend in completely.... I think the other colors pop on it nicely. I'm such a chicken and should probably just dive in and see how it looks. I think I'll do Tricky Treat Cats on whichever of the two fabrics I don't put the ABCs on....

    2. You could always try to do a little bit of test stitching on the edge of the fabric with the black thread to see if it stands out.