Monday, September 8, 2008


Well .... there comes a point where you have to ask "What else can go wrong?" Needless to say things are precariously hanging on by a thread around here.

On the good side, my bag swap items are complete, I just have to mail it out tomorrow. I'll take a picture of the lot to post here after it's received and then wrap it up pretty to be sent out into the great beyond. I worked really hard on everything and am so nervous that she may not like it or may not think it's fancy/good/special enough.

On the bad side, my computer at home died yesterday, so I'm only going to have access at work for the time being. I'm taking a trip to my parents this weekend to let my dad poke around at it and take it apart and see if he can save it.

On the frustrating side, I have to go home on my "lunch" today and change my clothes and such - the media department at work is doing a staff photo shoot for our department today and I ran out the door without makeup and wearing a cream sweater and they've requested that we wear dark colors. Whoever had the brilliant idea to schedule something like this on a friggin' Monday needs to be smacked.

Happy Monday everyone :(


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