Sunday, September 14, 2008

Now arriving from England ...

My item from the bag swap!!! My parcel took the long trip from England to make it to my mailbox here in Michigan.

Look! A squishy package!

Zoe checks things out too ... can't be too safe!

Alright - looks like you've got everything out! All clear!

Voila!!! My gorgeous bag from Marianne - the pictures totally don't do it justice either, it's amazing!

But wait, there's more! What could it be?

SOCKS!!!! Fancy socks!

And some Jelly Bellies tucked into the zipper pocket ... yeah, I already ate those ...

And take a look at the lining - totally loving those funky cats :)

And of course, modeling the awesome socks.

Zoe was quite thrilled with the tissue paper Marianne used to wrap everything in and promptly claimed it as her own ... she's actually currently napping on it right now ... so,big thanks from Zoe too!

So, I totally got a bag that is perfect for me - thank you Marianne! And everyone should be jealous, cause the bag and socks are incredible. Stop by Marianne's blog to say hello
Sorry it took so long for me to get the pictures up, I had computer problems that started last week and just got remedied yesterday. I will post about that tomorrow, because what happened to me shouldn't happen to anyone and I definitely need to get the info out there ... but we're not going to ruin a happy post with something like that ...
Thanks Marianne! You're the best!


  1. Sounds like both you and Zoe enjoyed the package?!? I really enjoyed all the knitting and sewing involved and I am so pleased you like it. Is it in use yet?

  2. How wonderful to receive a beautiful bag you love. It's so pretty and how wonderful to get goodies inside too!

  3. I love your new bag and the socks too - oh BTW I have eaten your yummy chocs too. Thanks for being such a wonderful swap partner.

  4. ps forgot to mention your cat Zoe looks like a beauty - a real character.

  5. HI, Just wanted to say that I am a friend of annies and last night she showed me all the goodies you sent her. You did such a great job and that cat bag is a stroke of genius!!!
    I am thinking I may make one similar if you don't mind for our little kitten - a tortoiseshell like your darling cat!

  6. Waht a great pkg you got there. Love it Zoe is sooo cute.