Thursday, August 21, 2008


Where does the summer go? Seriously!

Sorry I haven't been around (though I don't think many people know I'm out here, so I doubt anyone's been missing me ...) This has been a really busy month.

The first weekend of August, I had to work

The second weeknd of August, I had a weekend long scrapbooking thing/long weekend visit with the parents

The third weekend of August (this coming one) I'm actually around but have a to-do list so long it actually scares me ... kind of along the lines of it's long enough that if it were a boa constrictor it could strangle me....

The last weekend/labor day weekend, I think I'm spending the weekend at a highland dance competition.

I'm also subbing on my aunt's golf league two times this month - did that last night and then will again next weekend. My score was crap and will not be published on the net. 'Nuff said!

And that's August in a nutshell. Work is crazy, but my 4% raise will finally go in to effect hopefully on the next paycheck. It's not a whole lot, but the way the economy is these days, I'll take it and be quite grateful.

Le sigh. I've been so stressed with work and everything, I may splurge and get myself a 6-pack of my favorite, Bell's Oberon - they're a Michigan brewery and Oberon is their summer beer. Perfect with an orange slice ....

I'll have some pictures up this weekend, promise!!!

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  1. Hi Abbey,
    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your quite a cutie yourself. Maybe my Boo would like to meet you. :-)