Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy 1 Week 'Til Christmas!

Things have been very, very busy around here. Most of which I can't post about or just haven't had time to post about.

My big project is in the final finishing stages .... I'm on the last side! Unforunately, that's all the info I can reveal. If you have other blogs on your list, you've seen it. Otherwise it'll be posted here after Christmas. Not taking chance on this one.

I took yesterday off of work to bake cookies. My dance teacher hosts a cookie swap party each year and it's tonight. I had 10 dozen cookies to bake and decorate, so that's what I did yesterday. I also started and finished a quilted wall hanging for her from a pre-printed panel kit I picked up at Keepsake Quilting. Yesterday was very busy.

Apparently my heat also decided to crap out yesterday too - I must not have noticed initially because of all the baking, but when I went to bed, I saw that the temp was a good 15 degrees below what I had it set for .... I thought maybe it still hadn't kicked on because of the oven, so I gave it til this morning and called my complex's maintenace. A couple hours later, it was all fixed and I was able to head off to work. Oh heat, how I love you!

So what's left then, as the final panicky countdown to the big day speeds on?

Finishing an ornament wreath in pink and purple for a coworker
Finished aforementioned "big project" in first paragraph
Possibly try to finish a project for my mom, but thta's not a huge deal - I managed to pick up more for her through the year than I thought and when I pull it all off of the "present shelf" I was surprised. So that can be rainchecked for her birthday if need be.

I also have to make my friend Eren's presents, but I won't see her until the weekend of January 3rd, so that buys me some time.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me as well, I have plans Saturday night to go out with some people from work as kind of a going away party for a coworker who is also a good friend and then on Sunday I'm going to see the Trans-Siberian Orchestra with the guy I'm seeing. I'll probably end up with plans on Friday as well. Busy, Busy, Busy!

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  1. Sorry about the heat. My son lost his furnace last week. Almost 700 dollars later it was fixed. YIKES.
    So did you get the BIG project finished?? I bet you did.
    Merry Christmas!!